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My name is Sally Deller and I am an independent civil celebrant,  trained with The Federation of Independent Celebrants (FOIC) and have NOCN Level 3 credits in Funeral Celebrancy.

Most of my working life has involved working with people, and when I gave up full time work some years ago I decided to retrain as an independent civil celebrant, helping people at the start and end of life.

I offer a personal and sincere service to people at a very painful and difficult time in their lives when they have to arrange a loved one’s funeral. Over the years I have attended far too many funerals and find the ones that I remember most are those where the service really focussed on the person who has died and reflected their life.   Sometimes these are religious services reflecting a particular faith, sometimes they are simple but spiritual, sometimes they are totally humanist – all are equally valid as they are what the family / loved ones want and have a genuine meaning for them. I have met many people who have been recently bereaved, and those that seem to struggle the most are those where the content of the funeral service was dictated by others, was not a proper goodbye, and the bereaved didn’t feel able to ‘let go’.

As an independent civil celebrant I am here to help you arrange the funeral service, memorial service or scattering of ashes that YOU want and that reflects the life of your loved one. Click here Why Choose a Civil Celebrant for more details.

I also offer non-religious baby naming ceremonies for families that want to celebrate and welcome a new life into their midst but without a particular faith – please visit the Naming Ceremonies page for more details.

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