Why Choose a Civil Celebrant?

The death of a loved one brings many practical challenges, on top of the emotional impact. Few of us have much, if any, experience of dealing with such practicalities and organising a funeral is probably the most difficult.  We have to try and arrange something that reflects the personality of the person who has died and meet the needs of those – including ourselves – who are grieving for their loss.

Not everyone wants a religious funeral attached to a particular faith but equally they may not want a totally humanist funeral. As an independent celebrant I am here to help put together a service to respect and celebrate the life that is gone, and offer comfort to those who mourn their loss.

I will spend time with you and other close family/friends, learning about the person who has died, and discuss what you would like in the funeral – maybe a favourite poem to be read, a short eulogy written by someone close, a special piece of music or hymn to be played, or maybe a prayer. It’s all about what you want – there is no preset service, every one is unique and tailored to your needs.

If you would like to talk to me to find out more, please call me on 07580 506364 – or email your question to sally@leicesterandnottscelebrant.co.uk